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Guided Sleep Meditations That Will Lull You To Sleep

guided sleep meditations

For some people, lying down in their bed is the only time they take a moment to breathe. No wonder thoughts start rushing through your head and you can’t fall asleep! You go over the day’s happenings, tomorrow’s schedule and what you have to remember to get from the grocery store. After all that, you start thinking about how you're never going to be able to fall asleep!

Sound familiar?

If so, we’re here to help. We’ve selected a few of our favorite guided sleep meditations, curated by length. We hope you enjoy.


For those of you who like to make it through an entire meditation, close your devices and hit the hay, here are a few recommendations:

Tara Brach (one of my favorites) leads an awesome meditation for relaxing and preparing your body for sleep. 


Deepak Chopra's meditation is a quick 4 minutes of calming guidance to ease you into sleep.



Michael Sealey leads a guided meditation that leads you on a path from the earth into the stars. This is great for anyone who is lulled to sleep by their imagination.


A powerful meditation by Jason Stephenson that is like a body scan that takes you through your chakra energy centers, relaxing your body as you drift to sleep.



Don’t see your favorite on here? Leave us a comment with your top guided meditation picks or favorite meditation teacher!

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