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The Awesome Benefits Of Using A Meditation Pillow

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Are you're achy and sore by the time you’re done with a meditation? Or have you been trying to get into a regular meditation routine but can’t seem to stick with the practice?  If so, consider getting a meditation pillow.

While meditation pillows, or zafus, are growing in popularity in the West, they have been used for centuries in the East as a common meditation aid. You may be wondering if you can simply use a regular pillow to get the job done. And the answer is yes, it’s a great temporary solution, but it’s not the same.


Here are the benefits of using a proper meditation pillow:

  • Pain relief in your joints
  • Longer meditation time
  • Increased stability & flexibility
  • Having a dedicated meditation space & more consistency


Zafus are made with meditation in mind. They’re filled with firmer stuffing materials to give them the height you see (typically 4 inches or taller). This lightens the pressure on your knees and ankles, giving you much needed relief. The filling also acts to open up your hips and align them properly under your back so you have proper sitting posture. Any softer filling, like cotton, doesn’t create as stable of a base which often leads to your hips rolling forward and a bent spine. The mental benefits you’re getting from meditation end up taking a back seat when your bad posture causes you physical pain. A meditation pillow enables you to sit with proper posture so you can meditate for extended periods of time without the typical pain that follows a long seated practice (or at least a major reduction in said pain).  


The extra height of a meditation pillow is a big added benefit when cross-legged sitting positions come into play. Especially if you don’t naturally have the most flexible hips, a zafu can help you comfortably work once unimaginable leg positions into your practice. Ever attempted half lotus only to awkwardly tip over? A meditation pillow can help with that. With the added stability of open and raised hips, these positions become much simpler to achieve.


This one may or may not apply to you, but having a dedicated space with a comfy blanket and zafu can make you more committed to your practice. That’s a big reason we’ve designed our meditation pillows to be beautiful enough to live in your home without needing to be tucked away after use. You may simply need the right dedicated space to find the commitment to your practice that you’ve been missing.

New to meditation? Check out our Beginner’s Guide To Meditation to get a handle on all the basics so you can start practicing comfortably and consistently.

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