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The Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation is an ancient practice that originated in the East centuries ago. The practice gained popularity in the US in the 1950s and has only garnered more popularity since then. It's no longer only a practice done by hippies or people who are "out there" and that's because it's so effective for so many people. 

Tim Ferris is a well-known thought-leader in the business and personal development industry after his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, became a best-seller. 

Since then, he has gone on to have one of the most successful podcasts of all-time interviewing thought-leaders from various industries always asking them for their routines and habits for success. He says about 90% of his respondents practice meditation. 90%!

The studies of mediation are still pretty limited and it's too hard to tell what, for certain, the benefits of meditation are. We're still some time away from this information. More on this here. 

So, what is this article about? Well, it's about the benefits of meditation that people have reported - either through research studies or in other areas.

What we've seen so far is that a consistent practice of at least 15 minutes a day has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-awareness and positive self-image, help you fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time, improve focus, and much more in many many people. 

It seems like a no-brainer to add meditation to your practice (proven or not) - especially since you can reap its many benefits by practicing 15 minutes a day. If you think “I don’t have any time to meditate”, meditation will probably be even more beneficial for you since you’re likely pretty busy and stressed-out. 

If Oprah can make time to meditate, anyone can make time for it. 

It's worth asking yourself - what am I looking to get out of my meditation practice? 

Is it to start having more gratitude and positivity in your life? Is it to give yourself some "me" time before the chaos of the day begins? Improve your mental health? Is it to reduce the stress you feel from work? 

Imagine how you'd feel after 15 minutes of relaxation.

Our emotions are so powerful and can dramatically influence our subconscious and motivation. Come up with your intention for starting a meditation practice. Maybe it’s to feel one of the meditation benefits below. 

When you have a reason to practice and can connect a positive feeling to that practice, it is much easier to stay committed.

Benefits people have experienced from meditation include:

-improved sleep
-reduced insomnia
-boosted immune system
-lower blood pressure
-reduced chronic pain
-increased energy
-reduced PMS
-slowed aging
-reduced migraines
-decreased stress
-increased emotional intelligence
-reduced anxiety
-reduced PTSD
-improved self-esteem
-improved memory
-reduced risk of dementia
-increased productivity
-reduced depression


Now that you know some of the benefits of meditation that people report experiencing, check out the different types of meditation to see which one is a good fit for you. 

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