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Blue Marble Zafu
Blue Marble Zafu
Blue Marble Zafu
Blue Marble Zafu

Blue Marble Zafu

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zafu meditation bolster

This Blue Marble print is the sneaky favorite of a lot of people. It's like a dress that looks okay on a hanger, but amazing once you put it on. Don't disregard this print for being a little out there or not your style - once you see it on a mat or in the right living room it's to die for. 

D E T A I L S:

  • Print: Blue Marble
  • Size: 14" x 5", Round
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Machine Washable Cotton Cover
  • Adjustable Buckwheat Hull Fill




Our meditation cushions are designed with two things in mind: look and functionality. The look is pretty self explanatory, so below you'll find more on the functionality.


T H E  C O V E R

This cushion is made with an outer cover and inner pouch so you can remove the outside for cleaning without spilling buckwheat hulls everywhere. It's made with 100% cotton and a half zipper. The beauty of these cotton covers is that they are fully washable! Just use cold water and hang dry. 

Every BLOOM zafu also has a super-convenience carry handle - take it to class or between rooms easily.


T H E  I N S I D E

We fill our cushions with buckwheat hulls. You may notice they come over-stuffed. This is so you can customize your zafu to however you like it to feel. Just remove the buckwheat until you find your sweet spot. We recommend keeping any buckwheat you remove. After about 6 months - 1 year of consistent use your buckwheat hulls may lose a little firmness (it's called their "polishing" phase - read about it here) and you may want to add some of your original hulls back in.

bloom meditation cushion zafu

Why buckwheat hulls you may ask? Well, because buckwheat hulls are the biggest crowd pleaser and they're eco friendly by nature. The hulls are a byproduct of buckwheat farming and would otherwise become waste. On top of that, they're firm yet soft enough that they mold to your body like sand. They're supportive so you sit with the right posture. And they will maintain their spring for years and years. Plus, they won't get lumpy like cotton or kapok can. Overall, they're the best filler we've seen.

 P.S. If you prefer a different fill, size or shape let us know; we're always open to offering more options if it's what our community is asking for!